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Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance bad faith occurs in several different ways. When handling a claim with its own policyholder, a company may violate its duty of good faith and fair dealing by refusing to pay the correct amount, by delaying payment, or by taking advantage of people who have suffered a significant injury or property loss.

Your insurance company is required to treat you fairly and pay what it owes under the policy. It is also required to give equal consideration to your interests, not just its own. Unfortunately, some insurance companies approach claims with the attitude that their job is to pay as little as possible. Kentucky laws protect you from this, and the insurance company can be forced to pay your damages if it treats you unfairly.

Insurance abuses can also occur in other situations. For example, if you have a claim against another person’s insurance company following a car wreck, that company owes payments to you if the other driver is at fault. However, that company may take an unreasonable position on who is at fault, or on the amount of money you are owed. Sometimes the insurance company won’t communicate with you at all. They may force you to go to court even when there is no real question about who is at fault, or how much you are owed. The delays in payment can keep you from getting medical treatment and paying your bills, and may have other drastic consequences for you.

Kentucky law may allow you to recover money damages from the insurance company for this type of illegal bad faith conduct. Any person who believes the insurance company is being unfair to them should have their claim examined by an attorney who is an expert on the matter.

I have experience in bad faith cases. These are some of the most complex cases to handle, and experience matters. If you believe you are being mistreated by an insurance company, call me on my cell phone, 270-991-8601, for a free consultation.

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