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The prospect of filing for divorce can be upsetting, frightening or even liberating. The wide range of emotions that a person may experience can make this process very difficult to deal with, particularly when such matters as child custody, child support, spousal support, visitation and property division need to be addressed. Even a divorce that starts out amicably may turn into a bitter and drawn out legal battle as you and your spouse seek different outcomes for you, your children, and your financial future.

Consulting me is one of the most important actions to take when you are considering ending your marriage or you have been served with divorce papers. You and your spouse will need to agree on the terms of your divorce or you will face court proceedings and all issues will be decided by a judge. It is almost always less time consuming and less expensive to work out a divorce agreement outside of the courtroom. A negotiated divorce settlement means that you and your spouse will have more freedom to determine the exact terms of your divorce. However, at times these terms simply cannot be negotiated without court assistance. Whether your case is negotiated or litigated, I will protect your interests every step of the way.

I am here to represent your interests in your divorce and I am committed to providing my clients with the skilled legal advice they need. I represent clients throughout South Central Kentucky.

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