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Child Support

Second only to the all-important custody issue, the most important aspect of raising your child is the amount of child support. I am thoroughly dedicated to representing my clients in their family law matters, always striving to provide personalized attention and aggressive representation in order to obtain the best result possible. Child support matters can be highly complex and are also emotionally charged. Having an objective point of view backed by extensive legal knowledge on this subject gives me a unique advantage in assisting a client with these matters.

While child support agreements can be negotiated without going to court, at times both parties in a divorce or custody matter will simply be unable to come to an agreement. In these cases the parents must go to court where a ruling will be made on the amount of child support to be paid. This is most often calculated on a formula, but there are ways that financial information and other factors can affect the amount. In working with financial experts and applying my years of experience, I can assist you in reaching a fair child support amount to best care for the children.

I have vast experience in handling child support cases both within a conventional divorce proceeding and with people who were never married. You can put my experience to work for you.

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