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Child Custody

Kentucky child custody law can be highly complex and confusing. Your attorney plays a critical role in helping you as a parent or legal guardian to understand your custody rights. I understand that child custody is the most important issue involved in any divorce or separation. You want what’s best for your child, but the other parent may be unwilling to cooperate, may be unfit to raise your child, or may have different views on how to resolve your custody dispute. It is important that you have a lawyer on your side to fight for your rights and represent your interests and also the best interest of your child.

If you are working to reach a settlement regarding child custody, you may be able to create a flexible, creative solution to custody and visitation that works for you, the other parent and your child’s unique needs. You still need the advice of an attorney to help you navigate the child custody laws, however, the right lawyer can positively affect your case.

If you are unable to reach an agreement with the other parent or guardian, a judge must then determine what is in the best interest of your child. The ruling will be based evidence presented in court about each parent’s ability to care for the child both emotionally and financially, the mental and physical health of each parent, the needs of the child, the preference of the child in some cases, and the type of home environment each parent can provide for the child.

I have vast experience in handling child custody cases both within a conventional divorce proceeding and with people who were never married. You can put my experience to work for you.

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